Sep 18 2014

WOD 9/19

A. 12:00 Alt. EMOM
odd: 3-5 UB Ring Push-ups/Dips/ Muscle-ups
Even: 3-5 UB Deadlifts
*DL is perfect reps, unbroken set, quality over weight, build over the course of the 6 sets

B. 3 Rounds @ 80-85% effort
8 KB Swings @ 24K / 16K
12 Burpees

rest 3:00

3 Rounds @ 80-85% effort
8 KB Swings @ 24K / 16K
12 Burpees

Extra Credit /Cool down
15:00 Walk/Run, Row, Bike (easy effort)
3 Rounds
5 Scap Pull-ups
5 Ws, Ys, and Ts

Handstand Skills Class tomorrow at 11:00 am with Coach Lindsey and Coach Gen!


Sep 18 2014


Hey CFA,

We know parking has been a bit of an issue as we are getting used to our new home in building C. We are working to make some improvements, but in the mean time please take a look at the image below for some dos and don’ts of parking.

Green – Go for it!
Red – No CFA Parking

We’ve requested that the recycling bin in front of our building be moved next time they come to empty it so that will free up those spaces. In front of our building is fair game for CFA.

We know that parking up toward the front of the complex is not ideal, but hey, a little jog to the gym or back to your car can count as extra credit! 

It is crucial that we don’t park in front of the businesses surrounding us, especially in front of their garage doors. It would be a shame if your car got towed for the sake of a close spot so please stay in the green!

Thank you,

The CFA Team


Sep 17 2014

WOD 9/18

A.  DB Hip Power Snatch x5/ arm x5 Rest 2:00 *Increase weight 5-10 lbs

B. 5K Tempo Run
4 Rounds
3:00 Run at Goal 5K Pace
2:00 Active Rest
*Pick gymnastic movement of choice to practice during active rest
for 6-8 Reps / round

Extra Credit / Cool down
15:00 Easy Walk, Row, Bike

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” -Arnold H. Glasow
Sep 16 2014

WOD 9/17

A. 12:00 EMOM

Min 1 – 4-8 Strict HSPU or 3 Negatives w/ 4 second descent
Min 2- 2-4 Strict Pull-ups
Min 3 – 10 Goblet Squats

B. E3 O3
Back Squat x2x5 by feel, try to increase sets from last week


1 Set Max Reps  @ 5 RM,  20X1
*Strictly adhere to tempo, 2 down right back up, one breath at the top and right back down

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Sep 15 2014

WOD 9/16

A. E2O2 6 Sets
3-4 UB Power Jerks
3-4 Kip TTB
*Do jerks immediately followed by TTB then rest remainder of the 2:00

B. 3 Rounds @ 90-100% effort
8 UB Thrusters
300 M Run
Rest 3:00
*Build weight each set, must be unbroken
*Thruster  weight recorded

Extra Credit
15:00 Easy Walk/Run

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” -Hubert H. Humphrey


Matthew 75
Vy 70
Gage 115
Adrian 75
Suzy 40
Cody 105
Janet 70
Brian 75
Sarah 60
Humberto 70
Mitch 95
Dayna 85
Jillian 45
Kristi 45
Kelly 70
Valeria 45
Zeus 85
Lori 55
Jose 98
Lane 115
Tow Matt 115
Ryan 115
LaShea 75
Jenny 80
Ray 115
Isaiah 120
Nicole 85
Mer 65
Daniel 95
Dustin 75
Sean 85
Erica 85
JoAnna 75
Jeanette 25
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