May 31 2011

WOD 5/31

Make Up/Skill Day

Strength WOD:
A. CGBP x5x3 @70% Rest 4:00
B. Squats x10x3 (Set 1: Set a new 10 RM by 5-10lbs, Set 2 95% of 10RM, Set 3 90% of 10RM) Rest 3:00
C1. DL x5x3 @60% Rest 1:00
C2. DB Muscle Snatch x6-8×3 Rest 1:00

The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be. -Socrates

Does sitting shorten your hip flexor
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May’s PR Board…let’s make this twice as big in June!

AM Results
MG Jenny S
Erica S
Meghan S
Matt S
9am S
Dana M 5, 8
Tow Matt Th 31 (35lb)
Michael S
Colleen F 27:58 (KR, 40lb)
Letty S
Coy S
Amy S
PM Results
Cat F 46:00
Kristin W
Cody S
Fro S
Blake F 31:40 Rx
G. S
Crash S
Nikki S
Lance S
Natalie S
Liz S
Nick I
Melody S
Cookie S
Darlene S
Eric S
Geno S
Jables Th 30 (25 lb)
Stephanie Th 27 (25 lb)
Danny S
Randy F 36:44 Rx
Tristy F 31:30 Rx
Sherman S
Jon S
Betsy I
Leigh I
Stacey I
Kaz W 6 (Pike)
Ryan M 7,10 Rx
Ross M 7, 9 Rx
Chaz S
Dain S
Prince S
Kristi S
Veronica S
Chrisy S
Debbie S
  • Nick

    The guy makes a decent point about animals and the deep squat but he is addressing the hip flexor in a very simplistic manner. The reason why nobody has studied the length is because it also attached to all 5 vertebral bodies, anterior ligaments, and anterior discs in the low back. It is also one of the few muscles in the human body where the origin and the insertion move. To measure the length of the hip flexor one would need multiple CT scans (radiation levels too invasive for human studies), MRI’s ($1,500 dollars a piece and most don’t work in the abdomen because of movement of intestines and aorta, or invasive surgery to actually put a tape measure on the thing. My vote from seeing tons of hip and low back problems in desk jockeys, truck drivers, salepeople who drive a lot is that prolonged sitting is one of the primary causative factors in these patient populations.

  • Wes

    Thanks Nick I was hoping you’d chime in on this one!

  • Andrew

    PR 165 for 10 squats today. Probably could do 15-20lbs more. I’ll get it next time. Werd.